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Claire’s Gifts and Guest House

About Claire

My home in Bethlehem is surrounded on three sides by the wall. Rachel’s tomb is close by and tourists would come to my souvenir shop. Now the wall was built so we no longer have tourists. The wall was built on what was once a busy street and my uncle lived across the street. Now just a wall and we need permits from the Israelis if we want to leave our town. I still sell some hand-made products to support local craftsmen. Also, I have made some of my house into a guest house. We serve breakfast or you can use the guesthouse kitchen to make meals or tea and coffee. There is also laundry facilities and a small private patio. Out of the window, you will just see the wall – no sunrise or sunset. It is also close to Checkpoint 300 so easy for catching the bus to Jerusalem. The guest house is about a 40 minute walk to the Church of the Nativity and close to Bethlehem Bible College, Aida Refugee camp and Wi’am Conflict Resolution Centre.

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